Josephine Lapod People, Communications & Culture

Josephine Lapod

Her specialization of being a jo-of-all trades is by design, having had delved into the multi-facets of the communications wheel. She had worked in various industries, both private and public sectors, for consulting agencies and clients’ side.

Yet her expertise focus is on perceptions management, strategic alliances, social marketing, issues & crises handling, and employer branding communications. Brands she stewarded ranged from airlines to finance to telco to arts & literature to the big umbrella FMCGs. Automotive being her favourite, and a theme park called Disneyland as the most memorable.

This canine-feline whisperer is amazed by people behavior, and is moved by the works of Dali, Van Gogh, Warhol and Henri Cartier Bresson. Die hard Archie, Asterix, Tintin and Carry On fan. Future plans include capitalizing on strengths of her surrealistic minded random gabbing and scribbling.

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