Firman Halim Executive Creative Director

Firman Halim

Firman or Pak Man, rather – has a track record of nearly 20 years’ span of creative adventures at Lowe Indonesia, with an extended list of local, regional and global brands and awards.

Notable brand he worked on include Paddle Pop, Bango, Blue Band, Lifebuoy, Sampoerna Hijau (the Genk Hijau days), Neo Rheumacyl, Citra to only name a few.

An inspiration to many, this Kitaro-like sensation has superpowers of which includes abilities to see what lies beyond the surface. This has enabled him to read beyond the brief, work beyond the norm and nurture talents – well, those worthy of his mentorship.

He is also not too chummy with natural sunlight and his office is often mistaken as a playroom by visitors under the age of 7 years old.

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