Anditia Harahap Chief Financial Officer

Anditia Harahap

Andit is a Siantar man, born in 1973. He has degree from Unpad-Bandung, majoring in Accounting with cumlaude distinction.

KPMG was his first job as Junior Auditor. PT.Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia came next, started as Finance staff and ended as Finance Manager in various locations across Indonesia. His insatiable hunger for challenge brought him to PT.Akzo Nobel Car Refinishes Indonesia as Controller initially and become Finance Director later on. He joined LOWE in July 2006 as Finance Director, a hot seat that had been left vacant for a couple of years, with one single mission to bring back Financial Integrity to the company. He remains faithful with LOWE till today…!

Challenge, Problems, and Numbers is the things that keep him awake in the morning and move his legs to the office, without them life will feel so dull for him.

Andit has passion for books and superhero/movie statue, a passion that gets him into trouble with his beloved wife which always ended in a designer bag. He’s also a video games addict, have all the game consoles except Wii (too lazy to move) and sadly have infected his little angel (daughter) with the hobby. “Live your life to the fullest like you will live forever, but don’t forget to prepare for the afterlife like you will die tomorrow” is his life mantra.

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